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Stop Leaks in Cracked Concrete Basement Walls

We have kits for the DIYer and professional.  The DIY foundation crack repair kit has the same polyurethane material as our contractor kits.  Each kit includes a how-to CD-Rom video and instructions on how to repair the concrete foundation crack leak.  These are great for the do-it-yourselfer and professionals alike.

After injecting the low viscosity polyurethane foam resin, it expands on contact with water to expand and foam.  Once this foaming is complete, the water will not be able to enter your basement.  Our low pressure basement crack repair kits come with all materials required to complete your repair.

A typical 8' foundation crack can be repaired in one hour. This is because there is no drilling or chiselling needed to widen the foundation crack. The low viscosity polyurethane can enter even hairline cracks with ease and stop your basement water leak.



  • Closed cell foam stops basement water leaks
  • Water stays outside of the basement
  • Strong bond to foundation concrete
  • Fills the basement wall crack entirely
  • Easy to use
  • No drilling or chiseling

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