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6-10′ Peel Off Paste Polyurethane Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit

$175.59 USD

  • Easily removed Peel Paste Port and Crack Seal Adhesive
  • Stops leaks in concrete cracks
  • Improves the air quality of your basement
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Now even homeowners can repair their own foundation leaks and save money. Make your basement dry by repairing the leaking foundation crack. Water will no longer be able to enter through the concrete crack. Your basement will be dry and have reduced mildew odors caused by a damp basement. We make it easy for the novice. No prior experience is needed. Just view the included instructional video.

Hydra Stop 300 is a low viscosity liquid. That means it will flow into cracks 1/32″ wide to seal them and stop water leaks. The urethane foams and expands inside the basement crack to expand and prevent water from entering your basement. Once the urethane has cured, it is tightly bonded to the concrete and cannot be pushed out by groundwater.

The Peel Paste Surface Sealer and Port Adhesive is removable. This gives the finished repair a clean look for when appearance matters.


  • 2 cartridges Peel-Off Crack Seal & Port Adhesive
  • Instructional video
  • 15 surface ports
  • 10 corner ports
  • 2 cartridges Hydra Stop 300 Urethane resin
  • 1 injection hose assembly
  • Safety glasses
  • 2 pair nitrile gloves
  • 10 wooden stir sticks
  • 1 caulk gun
  • 1 wire brush
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 drop cloth/trash bag

Application & Coverage

Suitable for application in concrete cracks 1/32” to 1/4” in width. Concrete should be above 40 F. Can be used to stop leaks in dry or wet cracks. Surface of the concrete must be dry for use.

Where to Use

  • Concrete cracks wider than 1/32″ (thickness of a fingernail)
  • Concrete wall cracks
  • Retaining wall cracks
  • Inside corners

Repair Process

All work is done from the inside of the basement.

1. View how-to video included with the kit

2. Attach surface ports over the foundation crack using Peel-Off Crack Seal & Port Adhesive

3. Cover the entire foundation crack with Peel-Off Crack Seal & Port Adhesive

4. Inject liquid polyurethane crack injection resin into the foundation crack with a caulk gun

5. Place plugs into the surface ports to keep polyurethane crack injection resin in the crack as the resin begins to foam

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