Foundation Drainage

DrainGuard composite foundation drainage systems drain groundwater away from the exterior of your foundation or basement. The non-woven filter fabric and high density polyethylene core form a channel for water to flow through. The filter fabric keeps the soil out of the channel. Water is drained to either a sump crock or to daylight. Fast installation and no gravel used in backfilling means DrainGuard will greatly reduce your building cost while increasing production.

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Foundation Drainage


Interior Basement Water Drainage

Basements that leak water at the wall to floor joint, through cracks or tie holes need to have the water diverted to the underslab drain tile system.


Geocomposite Drainage Board

Groundwater drainage around a foundation is a critical component in protecting a basement. Applied Technologies' DrainGuard dimple boards consist of a cuspated dimple core with a geotextile filter fabric
bonded to it.


Strip Drain

DrainGuard strip drain is a modular groundwater water collection system. DrainGuard consists of a dimpled high impact polystyrene core with a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile filter fabric wrapped around it to form a drainage channel.