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Foundation Waterproofing Equipment

Applied Technologies has complete truck mounted foundation waterproofing sprayers for any size budget. We also have parts and accessories used by foundation waterproofing contractors to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

We have been building the most reliable and easy to use spray systems for over 17 years.  Hundreds of satisfied customers successfully spray waterproofing materials in all types of weather conditions.

Sts 115 Large 200

Foundation Waterproofing Sprayer

A foundation waterproofing sprayer makes the application of foundation waterproofing a labor saving process. The foundation waterproofing spray equipment heats the materials to the correct temperature, using your truck's cooling system. 

Hose Reel 100

Hose Reels

Hannay electric hose reels hold up to 150' of insulated and Skuff-Guarded airless spray hose. The sparkless motor runs on a trucks 12v electrical system.

Husky2150 Alum 100

Material Handling

Foundation waterproofing material transfer pumps and material handling equipment.

Resp Face Mask 100

Safety and Clean Up Supplies

Gmax II 7900 100

Spray Pumps and Parts

Applied Technologies uses Graco pumps in all of our waterproofing spray units.

Heat Exchanger Wb 100

Waterproofing Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers utilize the truck's coolant system to heat foundation waterproofing materials to the final spray temperature.

Asm 300 Bg

Waterproofing Spray Guns and Tips

Applied Technologies has field tested these waterproofing spray guns, tips and wands to meet the tough demands of waterproofing materials.

Skuff Guard Hose Lg

Waterproofing Spray Hoses

Applied Technologies field tested waterproofing material spray hoses and equipment make it easier for a waterproofing contractor.