ATC 100 Hybrid Polymer Sealant (Case of 12)

$145.00 USD

  • Improves your home’s air quality
  • Stops soil gas infiltration through seams and gaps
  • Works on damp or dry concrete, plastic or metal
  • One cartridge gives 3/8″ bead for 15 lineal feet


  • Works on damp or dry concrete
  • High bond and adhesive strength
  • Low VOC content
  • Isocyanate free
  • Paintable
  • Flexible
  • Grey color
  • Non-toxic

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Modified Sealant Sticks to Wet Surfaces

Improve your home’s air quality by using ATC 100 to seal cracks and gaps in a basement, foundation or crawlspace that allows air penetration. Another excellent use is at the seam where the basement floor meets the wall. This gap appears as a crack at the edge of the basement floor all the way around the basement. The seam is called a cove and this gap can let in water, radon gas, methane and other soil gasses.

Sealing the cracks and gaps in a basement or crawlspace improves the air quality of the home. Cracks and gaps in basement floors let in moisture which can cause mold, further lowering air quality.

ATC 100 is a hybrid sealant that combines the best of silicone and polyurethane caulks.

  • Grey color
  • Available by the case (12 tubes)
  • Also use with FloorGuard to seal the top termination

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