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FloorGuard Basement Waterproofing Kit

$199.00 USD

  • Waterproofs your basement
  • Improves the home’s air quality- no musty odors from leaks
  • Prevents radon and other soil gasses from entering the home

Floorguard Advantages

  • Strong HDPE plastic won’t crush from new concrete
  • 1″ dimple allows 30.1 gallons/minute/foot water flow rate
  • FloorGuard Profile Strip seals top edge and prevents radon and soil gas penetration

Kit Includes:

  • 18″ x 65′ Roll of FloorGuard
  • 4 Cartridges of ATC 100 Hybrid Sealant
  • 65′ of Profile Strips


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Divert Water Under the Slab to the Sump

Make your home’s basement dry with the FloorGuard Waterproofing Kit. By collecting the ground water entering your basement, you will increase the living area of your home. In addition, the air quality in your home and basement will be improved. This is because there will be less moisture for mold and mildew to grow

What is an Interior Drainage System

An interior drainage system collects water that is leaking into a basement, channels the water and then removes the water from the basement. This gives a waterproof basement and improves a home’s air quality.

An interior drainage system consists of:

  • FloorGuard Basement Waterproofing Kit
  • 4” Corrugated drain tile
  • Sump pump to remove the water


  1. 1 18″ x 65′ Roll of FloorGuard
  2. 22  36″  FloorGuard Profile Strips
  3. 4 Tubes ATC 100 Sealant and Adhesive

Where to Use

FloorGuard works on concrete block and poured concrete basements. FloorGuard is placed on top of the foundation’s footer with 4-6” going up the wall. Any water that comes through a wall crack or the cove joint where the floor meets the wall is diverted under the slab and to the 4” drain tile. The FloorGuard Profile Strip is placed along the top edge of the FloorGuard. It stops Radon gas or other soil gasses from coming up into the basement area.


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