Rhino 10' Bowed Wall Repair Kit RCF-10


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Rhino Carbon Fiber 10' Bowed Wall Repair Kit


Where to Use

The Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Support System can be used on concrete block or poured concrete bowed basement walls.


Use on walls up to 10' in height.


  1. Strong epoxy with excellent adhesion to concrete block or concrete
  2. Strongest on the market-51,571 psi tensile strength carbon straps
  3. Better tie in to the sill plate than the competition
  4. Eliminates shear forces at the top and bottom of walls

Kit Includes

(3) 10 Foot Rhino Carbon Fiber Straps

(2) Tubes of Rhino Epoxy Adhesive with static mixers

(3) Sill Plate Brackets

Bolts, Washers, Epoxy Nozzle, Gloves and Instructions