Rhino Carbon Fiber for Bowed Basement Walls

Applied Technologies has partnered with Rhino Carbon Fiber to provide the strongest carbon fiber bowed basement wall repair system on the market.  The Rhino system is the only carbon fiber system that fully secures the entire basement wall and stops further bowing.  This is because only Rhino fully ties together structurally the top and bottom of the bowed wall.  This stops bowing and the shear forces that occur on the bottom block.



Here is what Waterproof! Magazine said in their article titled “Working With Carbon Fiber”.

“…Far stronger and less bulky than steel, carbon fiber is transforming a broad range of industries, and waterproofing is one of them…  Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports goes a step further.  The Rhino system provides continuous carbon fiber strength from the foundation all the way to the house framing.  Rhino is fastened above the sill plate with a galvanized bracket and secured to the footing with a massive carbon fiber stake.”  Excerpt from Waterproof ! Magazine Fall 2010 issue.

Lifetime Warranty

The Rhino Carbon Fiber system has a Lifetime Warranty.

10 Reasons Why Rhino is the Best Carbon Fiber System

  1. 51,571 psi-Highest carbon fiber tensile strength on the market
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Stronger epoxy due to less color filler
  4. The best tie in system to the sill plate
  5. The only system to stop sheer at the top AND bottom of the wall
  6. Fast, clean installation
  7. For poured or concrete block basements
  8. Paintable
  9. Kits available for 8/9/10 foot foundation walls
  10. Minimal intrusiveness for pleasing aesthetics

Bowed Basement Wall Solutions

Learn the different ways a bowed wall can be repaired and see why Rhino Carbon Fiber  Straps are the best solution for your project.