Rhino Crack Repair Kit

$202.93 USD

  • Lifetime warranty from Rhino
  • Stops water leaks
  • Re-enforces the crack at the same time as stopping water
  • All work is done on the inside
  • Cost effective
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Stop Leaks in Concrete Block and Concrete Foundation Cracks

Stop the water leaking through mortar cracks in a concrete block foundation wall crack with this kit.


Excellent Repair for Leaking Concrete Block Cracks

Until this kit was develop the only way to repair a concrete block foundation crack leak was to divert the water under the slab and to a drain tile and sump pump. This meant that the floor had to be jack hammered out and the concrete replaced. This is a costly repair job.

Now the Rhino Crack Repair Kit stops leaks through the cracks in a concrete block wall. Place the carbon fiber strap over the crack and epoxy it to the wall. This forms a tight seal that will not allow water to leak onto the floor of your basement.

Where to Use

Use to stop leaks in concrete basements and foundations.

  • Concrete block wall cracks
  • Concrete foundation cracks
  • Mortar joint cracks


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