A-Tech 0101 Gel

 @ $210.00

8 Cartridges/Case


A-Tech 0101 Gel is a two component, 100% solids moisture insensitive epoxy. It meets ASTM C-881. The product exhibits a non-flow property when uncured. This means the product will not flow out of cracks prior to curing. It is recommended for use in cracks greater than 5/16” wide.

Mixes 2:1

300cc x 150 cc Cartridge

Uses 1224 (1/2" x 24 element static mixer)

Where To Use

Use on foundation cracks where leakage of injected material out of the crack is possible.

  • Large concrete cracks >5/16"
  • Delaminated concrete
  • Poured concrete foundation cracks
  • Concrete wall cracks

A-Tech 0101 Gel is part of the Applied Technologies Cartridge System of concrete crack injection.  Use with surface injection ports, surface pastes and other accessories.

Zero Flowability Prior to Cure

The greatest benefit of A-Tech 0101 Gel is that it will not flow out the rear of a foundation crack before it fully cures.  Its thick, paste like consistency exhibits no flowability unless under pressure from pulling the trigger on the injection gun.  Other epoxies can leak out the rear of the crack into the gravel backfill or down inside the crack and out under the slab.



  • Exhibits non-flow property uncured
  • Structurally reinforce concrete
  • Stops water leaks