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Spring Drive Crack Injection Gun

$165.00 USD

  • Spring drive gives smooth, even flow into foundation crack
  • Fits both 300cc x 300cc (1:1) and 300 cc x 150cc 2:1) cartridge

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Gun accepts 300cc x 300cc and 300cc x 150cc dual cartridges. Spring drive provides a smooth and continuous flow of foundation crack repair materials into foundation cracks for even distribution.

Use to dispense Foundation Crack Surface Sealer, Polyurethane Crack Injection Foam or Epoxy Crack Injection Resin

Why You Should Use a Spring Drive Crack Injection Gun

It is important to have a smooth and even flow when injecting concrete crack repair materials. This minimizes “blow outs” where the surface paste loses its bond to the wall from too much injection pressure. The injection material then leaks out from the blow out, causing more material to be used.

The technician squeezes the trigger and collapses the spring on the drive rod. Once the spring is collapsed, the spring will expand and push the plungers. This allows the materials to be smoothly, evenly and continuously dispensed into the crack. This is especially beneficial on tight cracks.

Guns without the spring require the technician to regulate the injection pressure with their trigger hand. This can be difficult since a slow rate of flow is needed for injecting tight cracks.

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