A-Tech 1300 SP

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  • Very fast cure (20 minutes @ 70 degrees F)
  • Ultra low viscosity (20 cps)
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Rigid material
  • Self leveling


Concrete Spall Repair Material

A-Tech 1300 SP is a low viscosity material with a rapid cure time. “Drive-over” time of 45 minutes allows short down periods while the area is repaired. The 10 minute pot life allows excellent workability for the user.

  • 100 % Solids
  • No VOCs
  • Meets USDA and FDA food requirements
  • “Drive-over” time 45 minutes
  • Self leveling
  • 10 minute pot life
  • Cures from -20 – 130 degrees F

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Concrete Spall Repair Material

A-Tech 1300 SP is a high strength rapid set, low viscosity and solvent free polyurea used to repair spalls and cracks in concrete slabs and floors. The long pot life makes A-Tech 1300 perfect for mixing with sand for large repairs. A-Tech 1300 SP is used to repair control joints, broken joints and spalls. It is excellent for use in non-moving concrete floors in warehouses, basements.

Polyurea for Concrete Spalls

The long pot life of A-Tech 1300 SP makes it an excellent repair product for large spalls in concrete. A-Tech 1300 SP is a self leveling and priming material. when mixed with sand it has a compressive strength of 4800 psi.

After repairing the spalls, an overlay can be placed the same day. The repaired area will not “shadow crack” through the new overlay.

Application & Coverage

Dry white silica sand provides color match to concrete. Mix with A-Tech 1300 for large repairs.  The ratio of sand to A-Tech 1300 SP will change the viscosity and flowability.

Mixing Sand 1:1


Sand: 4 oz

A-Tech 1300 SP: 4 oz

Yield: 7.2 oz

1:1 mix ratio of A-Tech 1300 SP and silica sand gives a self leveling and flowable product.


Mixing Sand 1.5:1


Sand: 6 oz

A-Tech 1300 SP: 4 oz

Yield: 8.8 oz

1.5:1 ratio is still flowable. Ideal for larger repairs.

Where to Use

  • Concrete spalls
  • Interior concrete spalls
  • Warehouse floors
  • Concrete slabs



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