Foundation Water Drainage Composite

Groundwater drainage around a foundation is a critical component in protecting a basement.  Applied Technologies' DrainGuard dimple boards consist of a cuspated dimple core with a geotextile filter fabric bonded to it. 

DrainGuard is applied over the foundation's waterproofing membrane and prior to backfilling. 

Commercial Specifications Sections 33 46 00

DrainGuard 400 Drainage CompositeDrainGuard 400 Drainage Composite

DrainGuard 400 is a dimple board drainage composite with non woven geotextile fabric to keep back fill out of the cuspated air space.

DrainGuard 700 Drainage CompositeDrainGuard 700 Drainage Composite

Heavy duty geocomposite for use on foundations, planters, split slabs, plaza decks for managing groundwater drainage.