Actively Leaking and Hairline Basement Crack Repair Kit

Concrete foundations that have cracks that leak water are best repaired using an expanding polyurethane foam.  If the interior surface of the foundation wall is wet and will not dry, then using the Acta-Leak Concrete Crack Repair kit is the best way to stop the leak.

This kit will also work on hairline cracks as narrow as 0.002" in width.  High pressure concrete crack injection is needed to get the polyurethane resin into such a tight crack.  Make your basement dry and stop the leaks with our proven basement crack repair materials.

Acta-Leak Crack Repair KitActa-Leak Crack Repair Kit

The Acta-Leak crack repair kit is used on actively leaking or hairline cracks.  The kit includes 1 gallon of Hydra-Stop 300 polyurethane resin.  This resin reacts on contact with water and begins to expand inside the crack.

For cracks that have been repaired using hydraulic cement, this is an effective way to stop those leaks.  The packers will get behind the cement that was previously installed.  You will not have to chisel out the material.

Drill in Place Injection Packers

Drill in place mechanical packers are used to get the Hydra-Stop 300 into the crack.  These withstand the high injection pressures generated by the grease gun.  Packers do not need any glue or surface paste to adhere.  The packers prevent the polyurethane from leaking out of the hole during injection.

This diagram shows the proper way to prepare the holes prior to inserting the packers.  Use a 3/8" masonry drill bit to make the holes.