A-Tech 1300 Polyurea

 @ $252.00



300cc x 300 cc Cartridge (22 0z)



  • Static Mixers Included

Two part ultra low viscosity polyurea is as strong epoxy but faster setting.  This makes it perfect for repairing cracks in flat concrete.  Concrete spalls are easily repaired with the fast setting self leveling material.  When used with silica sand the repair looks like natural concrete.

Can be used with dry silica sand to build up wide cracks and routed out cracks.



Concrete Spall and Floor Repair Material

Fill voids such as spalls and cracks in concrete floors.  Warehouse floors, garage floors, high foot traffic areas heavy use sections can be quickly repaired using A-Tech 1300.  Concrete floor cracks are filled using A-Tech 1300.  The ultra low viscosity means even the tightest cracks can be repaired. 

With a cure time as low as 10 minutes, grinding and concrete overlays can be done the same day.  High traffic areas are not taken out of use for long periods of time for repairs.

A-Tech 1300 Box/6A-Tech 1300 Box/6

300cc x 300cc (22 oz) Cartidge

Includes Backflow Restrictors

Includes Turbo Static Mixers



  • Very fast cure (20 minutes @ 70 degrees F)
  • Ultra low viscosity (20 cps)
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Rigid material
  • Self leveling

Where to Use A-Tech 1300

A-Tech 1300 is not intended for use on exterior concrete in freeze thaw areas.


Use on:

  • Concrete basement floor cracks
  • Concrete slab cracks
  • Warehouses


It can be used on both interior and exterior concrete cracks.

Why Use A-Tech 1300 For Concrete Cracks

The product is extremely thin and fast setting.  Routing out the concrete crack is not needed.  But routing does allow easier application of dry silica filler sand for a better appearance.  Once cured the A-Tech 1300 is stronger than the concrete.  This is a structural repair the reenforces the concrete.

  • Resists cracking, spalls, and flaking of the concrete.
  • Fast curing-ready in 30 minutes for overlays
  • Stronger than concrete