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E-ZR Sprayer Foundation Waterproofing Sprayer

  • Graco GMax II 7900 Pump
  • 1 1/2″ Siphon hose and pick-up tube standard
  • 150′ Insulated and Skuff Guarded Hose (1/2″ x 100′ and 3/8″ x 50′ Complete Spray Hose)
  • Heat Exchanger heats material to final spray temperature
  • Electric Hose Reel
  • Sprays  Water-based asphalt waterproofing materials
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

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The E-ZR Sprayer is a low cost foundation and basement waterproofing spray unit that can spray many jobs in a day. The unit is intended to be used in an enclosed box truck. The small size takes up little space, but it has the same components as the larger spray units. This machine is designed for water-based polymer-modified asphalt materials such as J-Cote and Hydra-Guard.  The E-ZR waterproofing sprayer can be modified to spray solvent based waterproofing materials also.

Spray 1000 Sq. Ft. Per Hour

The E-ZR Sprayer can spray 1000 sq. ft. of foundation wall per hour. Quickly switch between barrels if siphoning or attach it to a tank or tote. New homes are typically 1000 sq. ft. in coated basement wall area.

Drum, Tote or Tank

The E-ZR Sprayer can siphon out of drums or be attached to tanks or totes. It is up to you as the user which system works best for you.

Heating Waterproofing Material

The E-ZR Sprayer utilizes the trucks’ cooling system to heat the waterproofing to the final spray temperature. As material flows through the heat exchanger, it rapidly heats the material to the proper temperature.


Begin every job with the dependability and reliability of a Honda 6.5 HP engine.

Powerful Pump

At 3000 psi, the Graco GMax II 7900 pump provides up to 40% more spraying volume than the competitor’s spray units. That translates to labor savings for you.

  • Endurance MaxLife Piston Pump
  • Honda GX Engine and Advantage Drivetrain
  • SmartControl 3.0
  • 2.2 GPM
  • 3300 Max PSI


42″ H x 48″ W x 31″ L