DTS 240 Foundation Waterproofing Sprayer

  • Two 118 Gallon Heated Tanks
  • Graco GMax II 7900 Pump
  • 150′ Insulated and Skuff Guarded Hose
  • Heat Exchanger heats materials to spray temperature
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Electric Hose Reel
  • Sprays Solvent- or Water-based foundation waterproofing materials
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

This unit will spray either solvent-based or water-based emulsion non-fibered foundation waterproofing. The DTS 240 is intended for use on a flat bed truck. The spray equipment is protected from the elements on the driver’s side. The passenger side compartment is empty and can be used as a tool or material storage locker. Dual 118 gallon heated tanks sit between the two compartments. Each tank has separate heat control so two different materials can be used.

1000 sq. ft./Hour

Easily spray 1000 sq. ft. of coated wall area in just one hour with our sprayers.

Fast and Reliable

The DTS 240 will spray 1000 sq. ft. of foundation waterproofing in an hour. This lowers your labor costs in a tight market. And reduce you costs further by having 240 gallons of waterproofing on the truck, reducing your need to drive back to the shop for more. The Graco pump is powered by a Honda motor that gives years of dependable service.

Material Heating System

Foundation waterproofing must be heated to the proper temperature for spraying. Our system uses the truck’s cooling system water to heat the tanks. This is safe, dependable and is the quickest way to heat the material.

A 1.5″ pipe inside the tanks is surrounded by the waterproofing material. The temperature of each tank can be easily regulated and adjusted.

A heat exchanger also connected to the truck’s cooling system raises the waterproofing to the final spray temperature. This is regulated and adjustable for varying job site conditions.


48″ Front-Back x 96″ Wide