Speed Paste Concrete Crack Surface Paste

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  • Inject after 10-15 minutes
  • Very high bond strength
  • Re-use remaining material
  • Low odor
  • Bonds to many different substrates
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Fast Curing Surface Sealer

Speed Paste is used for bonding, sealing and repairing substrates. Its primary use is as a surface port adhesive and concrete crack surface sealer. Speed Paste has a very fast cure time. Cracks sealed with Speed Paste can be injected after 10-15 minutes.

Once cured Speed Paste has a high bond strength to the substrate. It is resistant to heat, solvents and most chemicals.

6 Cartridges/Box

Mixes 1:1

300 cc x 300cc

Application & Coverage

Each cartridge covers 8-10 feet



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