Hydra Stop 300 Hydrophobic Urethane Foam 300 cc x 300cc

From: $41.80 USD

  • Single component formula=Less waste
  • Very low viscosity
  • Reacts with water to foam
  • Repairs concrete cracks
  • Stops water leaks
  • Closed cell foam
  • Hydrophobic urethane
  • Shrink free
  • Reuse unused materials
  • Mixes 1:1
  • 300cc x 300cc cartridge
  • Uses 824 Static Mixer Sold Separately

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Single Component Hydrophobic Polyurethane

Hydrophobic urethane foam reacts on contact with water in a concrete crack to expand and foam. A closed cell foam is created that stops water leaks through a basement wall crack. The final product is flexible and will not shrink in volume.

6 Cartridges/Box

Single component

300 cc x 300cc cartridge

Application & Coverage

Suitable for application in concrete cracks 1/32” to 1/4” in width. Concrete should be above 40 F. Can be used to stop leaks in dry or wet cracks. Surface of the concrete must be dry for use.

Where to Use

  • Use in cracks > 1/32″ wide
  • Concrete foundation wall cracks
  • Concrete basement wall cracks
  • Concrete retaining wall cracks
  • Concrete swimming pools

Cured Hydra Stop 300

Hydra Stop 300 forms a closed cell flexible foam to stop water penetration. The expansion is up to 30x the initial volume.


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