A-Tech Wet Hydrophobic 300cc x 300cc Polyurethane Foam

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  • Reacts with water to expand
  • Fast reacting
  • Hydrophobic-Nonshrinking foam
  • Forms a closed cell foam
  • Bonds to dry or wet concrete
  • Completely fills the foundation crack
  • One cartridge per 8′ foundation crack
  • Reuse unused materials
  • Mixes 1:1
  • 300cc x 300cc cartridge
  • Cures in 1/2-2 hours

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Fast Reacting Two Part Polyurethane Foam

A-aTech Wet is a fast reacting two part hydrophobic polyuretahne foam.  It is great to use in cracks in which the liquid polyurethane may leak out of the crack before the foam has time to fully react and expand.  Reacts with water already in a foundation crack or injected by a technician. On contact with water it begins to expand. When cured it forms a closed cell foam that prevents water penetration.

6 Cartridges/Box

Uses 832 Static mixer (1/4″ x 24 element static mixer)

Mixes 1:1 300 cc x 300 cc cartridge

Use with Applied Technologies surface paste, surface injection ports, and static mixers for a complete job.

Application & Coverage

Suitable for application in concrete cracks 1/32” to 1/4” in width. Concrete should be above 40 F. Can be used to stop leaks in dry or wet cracks. Surface of the concrete must be dry for use

Where to Use

  • Concrete cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Retaining wall cracks



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