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Surface Ports

From: $13.25 USD

  • 1″ Base for strong adhesion
  • Tightly fitting cap
  • Accepts static mixer for injection
  • Staic mixer snaps tightly to port

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Attach to Concrete Crack Surface

Used to get foundation crack injection materials into a crack. Attach to concrete crack surface using surface sealer epoxy paste. Large base provides excellent adhesion to concrete foundation crack surface. Large diameter opening minimizes back pressure and “blowouts.” Cap fits tightly and stops concrete crack injection material from flowing out of foundation crack before it cures. Static mixers snap tightly into the neck for less leakag

Concrete Crack Injection Ports

Applied Technologies has concrete crack injection ports that snap tightly to static mixers. Each comes with an insertable plug that tightly seals the injection materials from leaking back out. The wide base of the surface ports gives excellent adhesion to the concrete surface and prevents blow outs. The corner ports are used on inside or outside corners in a concrete wall.

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