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30′ Epoxy Contractor Foundation Crack Repair Kit

$560.25 USD

Professional Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair Kit

  • Repair up to 30′ of concrete foundation crack
  • Structurally re-enforce concrete cracks
  • Inject hairline foundation cracks and larger
  • Stop a foundation crack leak from the inside
  • Completely fills the concrete foundation crack
  • NO digging up the exterior
  • NO chiseling out the concrete crack
  • NO drilling into the foundation crack
  • Fast and economical foundation crack repair
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Professional epoxy crack injection materials to repair basement cracks. A-Tech 212 LV reinforces damaged and failing concrete cracks. Once the repair is made the concrete will be stronger than before.

Meets ASTM C-881 Standard Specification for Epoxy-Resin-Base Bonding Systems for Concrete

Spring Drive Injection Gun:

The spring drive injection gun gives smooth and continuous application of A-Tech 212 LV. The spring smoothly pushes the material at a constant pressure to minimize blow outs.


  • 3 Cartridges Poxy Paste
  • (5) 22 oz (300cc x 300cc) Cartridges A-Tech 212 LV
  • Injection Gun
  • 20 Stir Sticks
  • 5 Back-Flow Restrictors
  • 40 Surface Ports
  • 15 Corner Ports
  • 10 Static Mixers
  • 3 Flexible Hose Assemblies
  • 10 Pairs Latex Gloves
  • 10 Mix Bowls
  • Instructional CD Rom Video
  • 1 Tool Box

Application & Coverage

Suitable for application in concrete cracks 1/32” to 1/4” in width. Concrete should be above 40 F.

Where to Use

Vertical and horizontal concrete cracks in concrete foundations, basements, and retaining walls.

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