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Applied Technologies offers the best selection of sealers for masonry and brick.  Penetrating sealers leave a natural look to the substrate.  Select the correct product for your exterior or interior project.

Order online 24/7 or call 877-APPLY-IT (277-5948) Monday-Friday for expedited orders.

Brick Chimney Sealer Brick Chimney Sealer

Seal and protect your chimney from water penetration. Water-based formula of silane/siloxane water repellent.

Silane/Siloxane Brick Water Repellent Silane/Siloxane Brick Water Repellent

Purchase A-Tech Masonry & Brick Sealer, the best exterior masonry and brick natural look sealer. Water-based silane/siloxane is 100% breathable. After application the substrate will repel wind driven rains.

Brick Paver Sealer Brick Paver Sealer

Paver sealer for protecting your brick or masonry patio, swimming pool sidewalk or driveway project.