Waterproofing Spray Pumps & Parts

Applied Technologies uses Graco pumps in all of our waterproofing spray units.

Graco GMax II 7900 Airless Piston PumpGraco GMax II 7900 Airless Piston Pump

Used on the DTS 240, STS 115 and E-Z Sprayer Foundation Waterproofing Spray Equipment

Exclusive Advantage Drive System

  • Hardened helical gears
  • Auto adjust/alignment system

Honda Power

  • 6.5 HP motor
  • Low oil alert

SmartControl Pressure Control

  • Advanced microprocessor control gives consistant pressure

Endurance Pump Piston

  • Exclussive Maxlife rod and sleeve delivers unmatched durability and life
  • Exclusive ProConnect system allows quick change-out of pistons

2.2 gpm

3300 Max. Psi

Graco GH 733Graco GH 733

Xtreme Pump

  • QuickChange pump section
  • Heavy duty piston and rod for long life
  • Long life XtremeSeals

Kohler Power

  • Electric start
  • 16 HP

Heavy Duty Graco Hydraulic System

  • Large 5 gallon hydraulic resovoir
  • Proven cooler design

3.0 gpm

Graco Endurance Piston Pump- GMax II 7900Graco Endurance Piston Pump- GMax II 7900

Graco Gmax II 7900 Piston Pump 


Graco Part No. 249-122

Graco Gmax II 7900 Piston Repair KitGraco Gmax II 7900 Piston Repair Kit

Graco Repair Kit No  249-123

Kit includes seals, packings, check balls and piston rod pin.

Graco Endurance Pump- Graco Gmax 7900Graco Endurance Pump- Graco Gmax 7900

Graco GMax 7900 Piston Pump


Graco Part No. 246-257

Graco Gmax 7900 Piston Rebuild KitGraco Gmax 7900 Piston Rebuild Kit

Graco Repair Kit No. 246-341

Includes seals, packings, check balls, and piston rod