Waterproofing Sealer for Brick Chimneys

Protect your brick chimney with our penetrating sealer.  Water can damage the chimney by causing spalling and flaking.  Here are a few of the reasons you should use a penetrating siloxane sealer on your chimney.

1. Brick Becomes Water Repellent

After curing for 3-5 days, the brick chimney will repel water.  The water will bead on the surface and not leak into the chimney.

2.  Siloxanes Bond to the Brick

A-T Brick Chimney Sealer binds chemically to to substrate.  Once cured, the siloxane does not flake off. 

3. Penetrates Below the Surface

A-T Brick Chimney Sealer penetrates inside the brick and mortar.  There is no surface film (think of paint) that can peel off the brick.  Since the sealer is inside the brick structure, UV rays do not damage it.

4. Stop Efflorescence

Efflorescence is the white chalky substance that gets deposited on the surface of the brick.  Water that enters untreated brick dissolves salts in the brick.  Then when the water evaporates, it leaves the salts on the surface.  Treating your chimney with A-T Brick Chimney Sealer stops the water penetration in the first place. 

5. Prevent Spalling and Flaking

Spalling and flaking is caused by the deterioration of the brick.  Water that gets inside the brick can expand when it freezes.  This expansion damages the brick and it spalls, flakes or crumbles.  By preventing the water from entering, you can prevent this from occurring.  Of course, brick that is already suffering from spalling, flaking ad crumbling will continue to do so.

6. Natural Look

After application, the A-T Brick Chimney Sealer is inside the brick, below the surface.  The natural look, color, texture and feel of the brick will be the same.  Surface coatings will always leave a sheen or coating that is visible to the eye.

7. 100% Breathable

Water vapor from the inside of the building can escape.  This greatly reduces the potential of spalling, flaking and crumbling.  Water that cannot escape can freeze inside the brick and cause the brick to fail. Surface sealers, those that create a film coating will trap the water inside the brick and cause it to fail.

8. Environementally Friendly

There are no solvents in our A-T Brick Chimney Sealer that can harm the user or the environment.  This is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) product that is not harmful to air quality standards.