Waterproofing Material Handling Equipment

Foundation waterproofing transfer pumps and material handling equipment.

1:1 Fast Flo Transfer Pump1:1 Fast Flo Transfer Pump

Air powered transfer pump.  Transfers waterproofing material from 55 gallon drum to spray tanks. Powered by an air compressor and rated to 100 psi.


Graco 1:1 Fast Flo Pump



  • 20' Transfer Hose
  • 3/4" Female Quick Connect Coupler

Barrel WarmerBarrel Warmer

Heater wraps around 55 gallon barrel to heat solvent based foundation waterproofing materials prior to transfering to material tanks.


  • Not for use with water-based materials
  • 110V
  • 1000 watts

Insulating Drum BlanketInsulating Drum Blanket

The drum blanket fits over a 55 gallon drum. It reduces heating time and insulates the drum from cold weather. The blanket has bung hole openings at the top.


  • Bung flaps for top openings

Graco 2150 Diaphragm PumpGraco 2150 Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pump is used for transfering waterproofing materials.  Primarily used with bulk tanks.


  • 2" Material outlet
  • Up to 150 gpm
  • Air powered