Tension Testing Horizontals

Two sets of carbon fiber samples were received for room tempaerture tention testing. They were identified as Rhino® Fiber Horizontals.

Two sets of tensile specimens, with a nominal gage width of 1.0 inches, were received already prepared by the client. Prior to testing it was noted that the specimens have uneven gage sections, jagged edges, areas of non-existant fibers (epoxy only), and uneven layering. Testing was performed at room temperature on a servo-hydraulic test stand with guidance from ASTM D3039-08. Specimens were loaded in displacement control at a rate of 0.05 in/min until rupture.

Table 1 (Carbon Fiber Horizontals)

Sample Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI)
  Rhino Carbon Fiber
1 48,030
2 54,200
3 44,310
4 46,260
5 51,310


The average ultimate tensile strength for Rhino Carbon Fiber equals 48,822 psi. Through tensile testing we are able to determine that Rhino Carbon Fiber Horizontals are substantially stronger that the competition.