Strip Drain for Groundwater Drainage

DrainGuard strip drain is a modular groundwater water collection system.  DrainGuard consists of a dimpled high impact polystyrene core with a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile filter fabric wrapped around it to form a drainage channel.

Groundwater is collected and diverted to either sump pump or it drains to daylight.  Polypropylene fittings connect DrainGuard to 4" pipe.



Installation of DrainGuard on a foundation wall.

**Note-Waterproofing must be applied prior to application of DrainGuard**


DrainGuard Width: 6" or 12"

Core Dimple Thickness: 1"

1" Drainage Core

A 1" "dimpled" core forms the basis of DrainGuard.  The crush resistant polystyrene construction resists rot, earth, compaction and soil contaminates.

Non-Woven Geotextile

The geotextile wraps around the core, forming a space for groundwater to collect inside and flow away from the foundation.  Water is directed to either a sump system or running to daylight.  Soils are kept out of the hollow space created by the geotextile.

Together, the 1" core and geotextile create an easy to install drainage system that eliminates the need for labor intensive gravel.

DrainGuard Advantages

  • DrainGaurd is 60-85%open area for water collection.  Pipe and stone is 3-5%, which is why gravel must be installed around the pipe to collect and store the water as it trickles into the pipe.
  • High flow rates
  • Less excavation on landscaping and site water installations.  Only a trencher is needed.
  • Reduced labor cost
  • No expensive gravel

Lower Cost Than Pipe and Stone

Installation plus materials is typically 50% less than pipe and 4" corrugated pipe.

DrainGuard 6DrainGuard 6" Width

Our most popular material for residential basement, foundation and retaining wall water drainage.

  • Modular composite construction provides fast installation
  • No gravel needed when combined with the chimney system or Geocomposite Drainage Board
  • Easy to install

DrainGuard 12DrainGuard 12" Width

12" DrainGuard strip drain is a composite foundation drainage material. The non-woven fabric prevents soils from clogging the DrainGuard. DrainGuard can be used for foundations, yard and lawn drainage and landscaping drainage.


  • Foundation groundwater drainage
  • Landscaping groundwater drainage
  • Lawn drainage


  • Low labor cost
  • Gravel is not needed for backfill

Core Dimple Thickness: 1"