Masonry and Brick Paver Sealer

A-Tech Paver Sealer WB is a water-based, low VOC, environmentally friendly acrylic paver sealer. Use on brick pavers, concrete pavers, stone pavers and masonry pavers.  A-Tech Paver Sealer WB protects the pavers from oil, grease, water, efflorescence, mold/mildew and UV damage.  When dry the brick pavers will have a wet satin to semi-gloss look.  The acrylic sealer will darken and enhance the color of the brick.  The polymer is UV stable and will not yellow. In addition, the jointing sand will be hardened and protected from washing out.

A-Tech Paver Sealer WB 5 GallonA-Tech Paver Sealer WB 5 Gallon


A truely "green" eco-friendly water-based acrylic paver sealer.  Ready to use.  Roller or spray application.

Darkens and enhances the paver color.  Gives a glossy look and protects from water, grease, oil and other stains.

 < 82 gm/L VOC content

50 State EPA legal

Seals the jointing sand and prevents weed growth

Coverage-100 sq. ft./gallon

2 Gallon sprayer2 Gallon sprayer

Professional grade pump and hand sprayer to apply A-Tech-PAver Sealer WB.

  • Polyethylene construction
  • Fan pattern spray tips for accurate and even application
  • 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 gpm tips
  • Wide funnel top
  • 2 gallon usable capacity

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