J-Cote WB Foundation Waterproofing System

Residential Warranty-20 Year Limited Warranty

When applied by a Select Waterproofing Conctractor the J-Cote WB Waterproofing System has a 20 Year Limited Warranty on new construction foundations.

Commercial Specifications Section 07 14 16

Foundation walls offer little protection against water from entering a basement. That is why a foundation should be waterproofed on the exterior when a new home is built.

The J-Cote WB Foundation Waterproofing System stops water from entering a basement. It does this by utilizing the J-Cote WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane. This is a polymer modified asphalt foundation waterproofing membrane. The J-Cote WB Waterproofing Membrane is sprayed on to form a seamless barrier against water.

An installer places FibR-Dri Protection Panels onto the J-Cote WB Waterproofing Membrane as it is being applied. FibR-Dri is a fiberglass panel that protects the membrane from damage during the backfill process. It also drains water down to the foundation drain system, removing hydrostatic pressure. And finally, the FibR-Dri Protection Panel has an R-Value to guard against temperature changes and lowering your utility bill.


J-cote WB Foundation Waterproofing System Advantages:

  • 20-Year Limited Residential Warranty
  • Polymer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing
  • FibR-Dri Protection Panel
  • Reduced damage potential from backfilling
  • Prevents water penetration through foundation walls
  • Spans cracks in a foundation wall
  • Stops water vapor transmission
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure

FibR-Dri Protection Panel

FibR-Dri Protection Panel is applied over the J-Cote Waterproofing Membrane.  This protects the J-Cote from backfill damage and drains water down to the water collection system.


  • Rigid fiberglass construction
  • Protects membrane from backfill damage
  • Drains water to the drain tile
  • Insulates the basement


Thickness           R-Value


3/4"                     3.1

1-3/16"                5.0

2-3/8"                 10.0