Interior Basement Water Drainage

Basements that leak water at the wall to floor joint, through cracks or tie holes need to have the water diverted to the underslab drain tile system.


FloorGuard KitFloorGuard Kit

Complete kit for installing 50 feet of FloorGuard

FloorGuard Basement Water DrainageFloorGuard Basement Water Drainage

FloorGuard drainage mat diverts basement water under the floor and to the drain tile system.

FloorGuard Profile StripFloorGuard Profile Strip

The FloorGuard Profile Strip is attached to the top of the FloorGuard.  It seals out concrete, dirt and debris.  72" Length.

ATC 100 Hybrid Polymer SealantATC 100 Hybrid Polymer Sealant

ATC 100 seals cove joints, the FloorGuard Profile Strip, cracks and gaps against moisture, radon gas and vapor infiltration.