Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing System

Residential Warranty-35 Year Limited Warranty

Commercial Specifications Section 07 14 16

Applied Technologies manufactures the Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing System.  The Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing System is the ultimate in new concrete foundation and basement waterproofing solutions.

When applied by a Select Waterproofing Contractor the Hydra-Guard Waterproofing System has a 35 Year Limited Warranty on new construction foundations.

Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing System Components:

1. Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane

  • Polymer-modified asphalt
  • Bridges foundation cracks
  • Stops water under hydrostatic pressure
  • Prevents water vapor transmission

2. FibR-Dri Protection Panel

  • Rigid fiberglass construction
  • Protects membrane from backfill damage
  • Drains water to the drain tile
  • Insulates the basement

The Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing System consists of the Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane plus FibR-Dri Protection Panel or DrainGuard 400/700.


Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane is a polymer modified asphalt that is designed to be applied to foundation basement walls. Hydra-Guard WB water-base is a spray applied membrane that seals basement walls and protects your basement from water penetration. Hydra-Guard WB remains permanently elastic even in freeze thaw cycles. It will not deteriorate over time or lose any waterproofing properties.


Double Protection

The Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing System consists of two steps to keep a basement dry.


1.  The Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane is applied to a foundation. The Hydra-Guard Foundation Waterproofing Membrane seals a foundation from water. Now water is unable to penetrate the foundation wall, even if it cracks.


2.  For even more protection, FibR-Dri Protection Panels are then placed over the Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane. Groundwater flows through the protection panels to the drain tile. In addition, they protect the membrane from damage during backfilling.


The Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing System allows water to filter down through the fibers of the protection panel to the drain tile. The water is then channeled away from the basement by the drain tile. The protection panels also add excellent insulating values to the foundation walls of any structure.


FibR-Dri Protection Panel


Thickness         R-Value

3/4"                   3.1

1-3/16"              5.0

2-3/8"                10.0


Water flows though the FibR-Dri Protection Panel and the Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane stops the water from entering the basement.


Foundation & Basement Waterproofing Equipment

Applied Technologies designs and builds foundation waterproofing equipment. This waterproofing equipment is proven to work in all application environments. Click on the above link to learn more about the several different models of Applied Technologies Foundation Waterproofing Equipment