Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Material

Residential Warranty-15 Year Limited Warranty

Commercial Specifications Section 07 14 16

Applie Technologies manufactures and supplies the Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane to select waterproofing contractors.  The Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane waterproofs the concrete foundation of a new home.

When applied by a Select Waterproofing Conctractor, Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane has a 15 Year Limited Warranty on a new construction foundation.


Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Advantages:

  • 15- Year Limited Residential Warranty
  • Polymer modified asphalt provides stretch
  • High tensile strength to withstand soil load
  • Greater elongation for foundation crack bridging
  • Eliminates musty basement smell
  • Stops water penetration through the foundation wall
  • Reduces water vapor transmission
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure

Commercial and residential warranties available


Without the Hydra-Guard WB Waterproofing Membrane your new foundation could leak. It could be next year, next month, or tomorrow. The truth is that any time is the wrong time. A concrete foundation offers little resistance to water and needs the protection that Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing Membrane provides.


Hydra-Guard Foundation Waterproofing combines the durability of asphalt with the elasticity of rubber to provide a long lasting barrier against water leaks. The Hydra-Guard WB Foundation Waterproofing is spray applied to a new foundation to stop water from entering the basement.


Hydra-Guard elongates to over 1700% to bridge cracks in the foundation walls. That way, no water can get into the basement. Your new foundation is waterproofed!