Foundation Waterproofing Equipment

Applied Technologies has complete truck mounted foundation waterproofing sprayers for any size budget. We also have parts and accessories used by foundation waterproofing contractors to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

Foundation and Basement Waterproofing SprayerFoundation and Basement Waterproofing Sprayer

Truck mounted waterproofing spray equipment used to apply polymer-modified asphalt foundation waterproofing.  We build spray equipment to apply emulsion or solvent-based waterproofing quickly and safely.

Hose ReelsHose Reels

Electric hose reels used by foundation waterproofing contractors

Heat ExhangersHeat Exhangers

Solvent-based or water-based emulsion polymer-modified asphalt waterproofing can be heated without flames or electricity.

Spray Guns & TipsSpray Guns & Tips

Airless spray guns used to apply non-fibered, polymer-asphalt foundation waterproofing.

Spray HosesSpray Hoses

Exitflex airless spray hose in 3/8" and 1/2" diamter sizes.


High pressure fittings used on foundtion waterproofing sprayers.

Spray Pumps and PartsSpray Pumps and Parts

Graco airless sprayers used to build complete systems to apply waterproofing.