Foundation & Basement Crack Repair Equipment

Applied Technologies has all of the concrete crack repair equipment and accessories need for a repair technician.

Concrete Crack Repair Methods

This guide discusses the several different ways to repair a concrete basement crack.

Crack Injection GunsCrack Injection Guns

Dual cartridge injection guns and grease guns for injecting materials into concrete cracks.

Crack Injection PackerCrack Injection Packer

Brass, steel and plastic injection packers.

Crack Injection PortsCrack Injection Ports

Surface mounted injection ports.

Mixing bowlsMixing bowls
Crack Repair Accessories

Accessories used in concrete foundation crack repair. 

Latex gloves

Mix bowls

Flexible hose assemblies

Static mixerStatic mixer
Crack Injection Static Mixers

Static mixers that mix crack repair injection materials as they are dispensed.