Dampproofing vs. Waterproofing

Applied Technologies' waterproofing products offer many advantages over dampproofing.  For decades foundations were only dampproofed, which only stops water vapor. Water under hydrostatic pressure can still push its way though a dampproofed foundation. Also, dampproofing is brittle and cannot bridge cracks in a foundation.

 Many people call this "waterproofing", but it is not.

The Difference Between Dampproofing and Waterproofing

On the left: Dampproofing is unable to bridge over cracks that develop in the foundation, letting water into the basement.



On the right: Applied Technologies foundation waterproofing membranes have rubber polymers that allow the waterproofing to span cracks in a foundation, thus preventing water from entering a basement.

A New Way to Waterproof a Foundation

To stop water from entering a foundation, waterproofing needs to be seamless, stretch over cracks and withstand water under hydrostatic pressure caused by heavy rains. Spray applied polymer-modified asphalt exterior foundation waterproofing stops water on the outside, before it can get into a basement.

J-Cote Waterproofing Membrane, J-Cote Waterproofing System, Hydra-Guard Waterproofing Membrane, and the Hydra-Guard Waterproofing System are ICC-ES evaluated foundation waterproofing materials that meet these criteria.

Benefits of Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is a seamless barrier that protects your belongings in the basement from water damage. This enables a homeowner to increase their living space. In fact, basement living space is the least expensive living space to build in a home. Now you can turn your previously unused basement into anything you want; a rec room, workshop, or entertainment area.


Foundation waterproofing reduces the moisture in a basement. Water vapor cannot move through the basement walls. This lowers the amount of moisture in the basement and helps eliminate musty odors and other allergens that bother people. Dry air in the basement also makes the room more comfortable to be in. The room won’t feel sticky in the summer or chilly in the winter.  Overall air quality will be greatly increased for you and your family.


Stopping water penetration into the basement will:

  • Protect your possessions from water damage
  • Increase your home's value
  • Increase your home’s living space
  • Keep the basement walls clean and dry
  • Eliminate musty odors