Crack Injection Packer

Insertable crack injection packers are also called mechanical packers.  These are used in high pressure concrete crack injection situations, typically up to 1000 psi.  They can be used for both epoxy or polyurethane grout injections.  Because they are inserted into predrilled holes and not glued to the surface, they are great for cracks smaller than hairline, previously repaired or in actively leaking cracks.  All of our mechanical packers come with Zerk fitting heads to attach to grease guns and pumps for injecting.

High pressure packers are made of metal and feature a rubber sleeve that expands and seals the drilled injection hole.  A Zerk fitting prevents the epoxy or polyurethane grout from leaking out after the repair is done. Low pressure packers are made of plastic.

The size of the packer depends on the depth of the crack to be injected and the volume of material needed.  For the typical concrete foundation up to 16" thick, 3/8" and 5/8" diameters work the best.

We offer two styles of high pressure injection packers, the 3/8" brass and 5/8" steel packers.  The 5/8" plastic packer is used for low pressure epoxy injections where high injection volumes are needed.

3/83/8" x 2 3/4" Brass Packer

Use on high pressure foundation crack injection.

5/85/8" x 3" Steel Packer

Steel packer has a tight fitting Zerk fitting for attaching to grease gun or injection pump.