Concrete Slab Crack & Spall Repair Material

For use in repairing  basement concrete floor cracks, concrete slab cracks, pool, decks, warehouses, driveways, sidewalks and patios.  A-Tech 1300 is an ultra low viscosity, fast curing, self leveling polyurea that welds concrete cracks back together. 


Polyurea for Concrete Floor and Slab Repair

Concrete floors and slabs can crack after placement.  This can allow water to enter from below, especially when in a basement.  Or after applying an overlay, a "shadow crack" can transmit from the old slab through the new placement.

Spalling of concrete can happen due to heavy use or damage.  This can be unsightly, especially when in a commercial application.  It is possible to make a repair using a polyurea to quickly patch the surface.

A polyurea is a very fast setting material that can allow traffic to return to the repair area in a short time.  Overlays can be applied in the same day as the concrete floor crack repair is made.

A-Tech 1300 Polyurea (6/Box)A-Tech 1300 Polyurea (6/Box)

Best for repairing cracks in concrete slabs and floors.

 300 cc x 300 cc Cartridge (22 oz)

Includes static mixer and cross over restrictor


A-Tech 1300 SP Polyurea (6/Box)A-Tech 1300 SP Polyurea (6/Box)

Best for repairing spalls in concrete floors and slabs

300cc x 300cc cartridge (22 oz)

Includes static mixer and cross over restrictor


Filler Sand-Dry Silica Sand 4lb bagFiller Sand-Dry Silica Sand 4lb bag

Dry white silica sand for use with A-Tech 1300.  Pour into wide cracks to build up A-Tech 1300.  Will fill approximately 100-300' per bag depending on width.

Easy pour bag.

A-Tech 1300 Polyurea Features

A-Tech 1300 is a fast setting polyurea used in repairing damaged, cracked or spalled concrete.  It's ultra low viscosity allows it to penetrate tight cracks.  Cure time is only 10-15 minutes, allowing little down time in the affected area.  Once cured the product has a 4000 psi tensile strength.  The product can be mised with sand aggregate to make a paste for use in spalls and voids.

  • Low viscosity
  • Fast cure time (10-15 min.)
  • Low odor
  • Mix with sand aggregate
  • High strength
  • Stops water

A-Tech 1300 Polyurea Advantages

  • Very fast cure (20 minutes @ 70 degrees F)
  • Ultra low viscosity (20 cps)
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Rigid material
  • Self leveling

DO NOT use in expansion joints.

Where to Use:

  • Interior Concrete floors
  • Concrete basement floor cracks
  • Concrete slab cracks
  • Decks
  • Warehouses