Concrete Floor and Slab Crack Repair Kits

Applied Technologies makes kits for the professional or do-it-yourselfer to repair concrete basement floor, slab, driveway and patio cracks. These kits provide easy to use instructions and CD-Rom how-to videos.  The kits include fast setting A-Tech 1300 modified polyurea.  Polyurea is used because it is as strong as epoxy, but cures faster and is much thinner.  A-Tech 1300 can get into the thinnest of concrete driveway and sidewalk cracks.

Why use Crack-Tite for concrete crack repairs

Unlike caulks, A-Tech 1300 fills the entire crack and tightly bonds to the concrete.  Caulks sit on top of the concrete and the crack can transmit to any overlays such as ceramic tiles.  A-Tech 1300 tightly bonds to sand that can be used in wider cracks to give a better look and finish to the repair.  The kit can be used on  floor cracks as well as spalls, pits, chips and flaking concrete areas.  After curing, the repair will be strong, water and vapor impermeable and stronger than the concrete itself.

  • Fast setting structural repair of concrete cracks
  • Thin viscosity to get into hairline cracks
  • Stops cracks from transmitting through overlays and ceramic tile
  • Final cured product is stronger than concrete
  • Can be used with or without filler sand

Crack-Tite Floor and Slab Repair KitCrack-Tite Floor and Slab Repair Kit


  • Repair 100-300' of concrete floor crack in 4" slab.  

The Crack-Tite Kit works on cracks in decks, floors, warehouses, driveways, sidewalks and other horizontal areas.  Fast setting A-Tech 1300 polyurea means overlays can be applied in the same day.  Traffic can be allowed back on the repaired area in the same day.  A-Tech 1300 sets up in 10-15 minutes.  Also great for repairing cracks prior to ceramic tile or concrete overlays

Where to Use

  • Concrete driveways
  • Patios
  • Floors
  • Slabs
  • Sidewalks
  • Warehouse floors
  • Parking garages
  • Swimming pool decks


Crack-Tite Floor and Slab Repair Refill KitCrack-Tite Floor and Slab Repair Refill Kit



  • Repair 100-200' of concrete floor crack.

Dry Silica Sand 4 lb BagDry Silica Sand 4 lb Bag

Dry white masonry silica sand is used with Crack-Tite Floor and Slab Repair Kits.  Fills wide cracks and gives body to A-Tech 1300.  Will fill approximately 100-300' of crack.