How to Reduce Basement Dampness and Humidty

November 7, 2012

The soil around a basement acts like a reservoir for water when it rains. This water can penetrate through a basement wall or floor and allow mold, mildew and musty odors to accumulate in the basement. Sealing the basement walls and floors from the inside with a penetrating sealer can stop this water and water vapor from entering the inside area

Damp Concrete Walls and Floors

As it rains the ground surrounding the basement absorbs water. Inadequately sealed concrete walls and floors can allow water and vapors to migrate to the basement interior. This is because concrete and concrete blocks allow water and gasses to penetrate by capillary action.

Sealing Concrete Basement Walls and Floors

A sodium silicate penetrating sealer can act as a first line of defense against water and vapor penetration. The sealer soaks into the concrete or concrete block and reacts with the free lime content of the substrate. The sealer crystallizes inside the matrix of the concrete and seals the microscopic pores of the substrate. Water and water vapor will not be able to migrate throught the basement walls and floors and cause dampness.

After the sealer cures, the concrete, concrete block or masonry will be denser, resist dusting and chalking and stop water and water vapor from penetrating to the interior.

Penetrating Sodium Silicate Sealer vs. Surface Sealer

Surface sealers form a film on top of the substrate that is dependent on the bond strength between it and the substrate. Water vapor exerts pressure onto this film as it migrates through it. Over time the bond between the substrate and the sealer fails and the sealer begins to peel.

Because a penetrating sodium silicate sealer soaks into and becomes a part of the substrate, there is not a surface film that can blister and peel. The penetrating sealer becomes a part of the concrete or masonry substrate. Microscopic capillaries are filled and water and water vapor cannot migrate into the basement

Advantages of a Penetrating Sealer

Works on concrete, block and masonryStops water, water vapor and gas migrationPaintable after applicationMinimizes dusting and chalking

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