Concrete Basement Wall Crack Leak Repair

October 8, 2012

Basements made of concrete can have cracks develop in them. These cracks can let water seep into the interior of the basement and damage a homeowner's possessions. Stopping the water leak is an easy process that can be accomplished from the interior of a basement without digging up the exterior.

Traditional Repair Process

In the past a repair was done by a technician chiseling a vee-notch 6" wide and 4" deep into an 8" wall. This chiseling can reduce the structural strength of the wall in that area. Once the notch was completed, a product called hydraulic cement was packed into the vee-notch. The hydraulic cement then cures and stops water.

The disadvantage of using hydraulic cement is that water still gets into the crack. It then dries out and leaves behind the salts that were dissolved in the water. Over time these salts break the bond between the wall and the hydraulic cement. Also, high hydrostatic pressure can cause the hydraulic cement to crack and break. The labor involved to chisel out the notch can make the repair relatively expensive.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

The modern way to repair a basement crack leak in a concrete wall is to inject a polyurethane foam into it. This foam is actually injected by a technician in a liquid form. The foams are usually two components and mix themselves before going into the crack.

The liquid urethane enters the crack and begins to foam and expand. This foaming action drives out water, forms a tight seal with the concrete and stops water from entering the basement. When the injection is complete, the basement wall crack will be filled from the bottom to top and from the front to back. Now water will be unable to seep into the crack. Salts will not be deposited in the crack and cause the bond between the foam and concrete to be broken.

The repair process is quick, clean and much less expensive than a repair using hydraulic cement. No chiseling is required or digging up the exterior of the foundation.


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