These articles are informative pieces dedicated to the many causes and problems of moisture and water penetration into buildings.

Concrete Foundation Crack Repair - Epoxy Injection

October 22, 2012

Concrete foundations can develop cracks over time. These cracks can then let in water and damage the interior contents of the basement. In severe cases, cracks in a concrete basement wall can signify that there is a structural defect with the wall. Whether it is to stop water or to structurally reinforce the concrete crack, epoxies can be injected into it. Causes of Concrete Cracks The most common is that the concrete actually shrinks as it cures. This curing pr… read more »

Basic Steps for a Dry Basement in a New Home

October 15, 2012

Buildings, whether they are skyscrapers or a family's home, rest on concrete foundations for support. The foundations form the basement area of a building and these basements have many different uses. Homeowners use them to store the furnace and other mechanical systems of a home. And also the basement area is commonly used to give more living space. Of course, the living space and its contents such as rugs, furniture and entertainment areas must be kept dry. During construction, there are so… read more »

Concrete Basement Wall Crack Leak Repair

October 8, 2012

Basements made of concrete can have cracks develop in them. These cracks can let water seep into the interior of the basement and damage a homeowner's possessions. Stopping the water leak is an easy process that can be accomplished from the interior of a basement without digging up the exterior. Traditional Repair Process In the past a repair was done by a technician chiseling a vee-notch 6" wide and 4" deep into an 8" wall. This chiseling can reduce the structu… read more »

Basement Moisture Causes and Solutions

October 1, 2012

It is a common problem for a basement to have a high level of moisture. This can lead to problems such as a musty odor, mold, sweating pipes or condensation on the walls and floors. There are several easy and low cost ways a homeowner can reduce or eliminate basement moisture. The first step is to remove any internal sources of moisture where possible. Clothes dryers are an obvious if overlooked source of basement water vapor. These should be vented to the exterior of a building. If co… read more »