A-Tech T-Dry Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam 300cc x 300cc

 @ $173.25

T-dry hydrophilic urethane foam

6 Cartridges/Case

A low viscosity two component hydrophilic urethane foam. Water in one cartridge mixes with A-Tech T-Dry to form an expanding foam. When cured it forms a flexible closed cell foam that stops water. It is designed to be used to seal non-structural cracks. Mixes with water in the cartridge to react.

Technician must fill empty tube with water


Uses 616 Static Mixer


  • Low viscosity
  • Stops a foundation crack leak
  • Hydrophilic urethane remains flexible
  • 1-10 minute cure time
  • Forms a closed cell foam
  • Reacts with water
  • Low shrinkage when cured
  • 300cc x 300cc cartridge
  • Mixes 1:1

Where to Use

  • Concrete cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Retaining wall cracks