A-T Brick Chimney Sealer 5 Gallon

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100-150 sq. ft./gallon

Protect your brick chimney from the damages of water with our natural look penetrating brick chimney sealer.  The penetrating siloxane water repellent stops water from getting into bricks or mortar.


Ready to use.  Just stir and apply with a brush, roller or pump-up hand sprayer.  Will not darken or change the look of the brick.


  • 5 Year warranty
  • Prevents water penetration
  • Efflorescence and water-borne stain protection
  • Reduces-spalling and freeze-thaw cycle damage
  • Water-based formula for easy clean up
  • Environmentally friendly low VOC formula
  • 100% Vapor permeable allows interior water vapor to evaporate out


A-T Brick Chimney Sealer is a penetrating silane/siloxane blend water repellent that prevents water penetration.  It conforms to ASTM-514 for 10% siloxane blend for simulated wind driven rains of up to 62 mph.

 A-T Brick Chimney Sealer is a water-based formula of siloxane and alkylaoxysilane.  It penetrates into the brick top form a water repellent barrier against wind driven rains.  After penetrating, it forms an invisible barrier.  The microscopic pores are filled below the surface.  This forms a hydrophobic barrier that last for years.

A-T Brick Chimney Sealer is 100% breathable and allows water vapor from the interior of the building to escape.  This helps to reduce spalling caused by water trapped in the brick and then freezing.  The freezing causes the water to expand and damage the brick.


  • Brick becomes water repellent
  • Natural look of the brick is maintained.  No gloss, sheen or film is left
  • Penetrates into the brick for long life
  • 100% water vapor permeable
  • Horizontal or vertical use
  • VOC content < 200gm/L
  • Eco-Friendly water-based formula
  • Easy application and clean up


  • Water-based means no harmful solvents
  • Brick maintains the natural look-no gloss or sheen
  • VOC compliant
  • Long lasting bond to the substrate
  • Easy soap and water clean up
  • 100% Breathable

Uses for A-T Brick Chimney Sealer

Stop water leaks and penetration into brick and masonry chimneys.  Seals mortar joints also.

For use on vertical and horizontal surfaces

Why a Breathable Brick Sealer

Most of the water that gets into a brick chimney comes from the exterior face of the brick.  However, water also comes from inside the house.  In fact, combustion from fireplaces and furnaces give off water vapor.  This water vapor will enter the brick from the interior face of the brick.  It must get out or the water will collect inside the brick. And if it freezes, the water will expand and cause spalling and flaking damage to the brick and mortar.

Most brick sealers are made of silicone or are wax based.  These form a layer of protection that is not breathable.  Thus trapping the water vapor inside the brick.

A-T Brick Chimney Sealer is a penetrating sealer that is 100% breathable.  Water vapor from the interior of the building will escape to the surrounding air, increasing your protection.