6" Fittings

6 Inch End Outlet 4/Box6 Inch End Outlet 4/Box

Connects 6" DrainGuard to 4 in. corrugated pipe for transport of water to day light or sump crock.

6 Inch Corner Fitting 4/Box6 Inch Corner Fitting 4/Box

Wraps 6" DrainGuard around inside and outside corners.

6 Inch Side Outlet 4/Box6 Inch Side Outlet 4/Box

Use to make transition from 6" DrainGuard to 4 in. corrugated pipe for intermediate collection of water along footing.

6 Inch Step Down 4/Box6 Inch Step Down 4/Box

  • For foundations with vertical step downs
  • Connects DrainGuard strip drain.

6 Inch Splice 4/Box6 Inch Splice 4/Box

Use to connect two pieces of 6" DrainGuard strip drain together.

6 Inch Corner Outlet 4/Box6 Inch Corner Outlet 4/Box

Makes a corner transition from 6" DrainGuard strip drain to 4 in. corrugated pipe.

6 Inch Tee 4/Box6 Inch Tee 4/Box

Vertical Tee connects perpendicular sections of DrainGuard strip drain.  Great for site water collection of playgrounds, golf courses and yards.

A-Tech GeoTape 2/BoxA-Tech GeoTape 2/Box

An underground waterproof seam tape which allows watertight junctions & connections and provides super stretchability. Use GeoTape to connect seams, overlaps, and connect DrainGuard fittings.


  • Excellent adhesion to filter fabric and plastic
  • 2" x 100'