3/8" x 2 3/4" Brass Injection Packer




Drill in place packers are used with a grease gun to get concrete crack injection materials into a concrete crack. Use for concrete cracks that are actively leaking water or have been previously repaired. Rubber sleeve collapses upon tightening to make a tight seal.

Use for high pressure injection applications such as a hairline, for previously repaired cracks and actively leaking cracks. 

The Zerk fitting attaches to a grease gun or pump.


  • Zerk fitting
  • Collapsible rubber sleeve
  • Removable top portion for a smooth look

How to Use

Insert into a drill hole and tighten with an 8mm deep well socket wrench.  The rubber sleeve expands and creates a seal to stop the resin from leaking out during injection.


 This diagram shows the proper way to install mechanical injection packers.